I had a nightmare last night, so when I woke up I logged into Facebook because I wanted to talk to my boyfriend.

He was offline, but he sent me a message while I was asleep saying "I won't be home until later today, so hang in there until I get back."
There was a link to a cartoon duck dancing.
A, Your cute and considerate LGMH!
At 10 o'clock at night, after graduation, I got a text from the sweetest guy I've ever met.

He asked me to come outside.

He had walked to my house, several miles in the dark, to tell me that he was crazy for me before he left for the summer.
Today, my big sis was teaching me spelling and grammar.
I had trouble on the word "menu" so she said, "Its like men and You as in, 'I love you, lil sis."
When she said that, that made me cry.
My sister had shunned me since the day I was born.

Today, she had changed the way she looks at me.
A man just dove 2,400 feet WITHOUT a parachute!

We've talked about Banzai skydivers before. They jump out of a plane and catch their parachute in the air. However, 42-year-old stuntman Gary Connery took it to a completely different level.

Connery jumped out of a helicopter with no parachute at all! All he had was a wingsuit to slow him down a little bit. At the end of the dive, he'd set up 18,600 cardboard boxes to stop his fall.

The man said he felt incredible and was planning his next stunt already! You definitely want to check out his crazy stunt here.

Check out a video of the stunt!

A few years ago, I was bulimic.
I hated my body, & forced myself to throw up every day.
No one knew of this, 'til one day I confessed it to my best friend.
He convinced me to quit the same day.
Now my boyfriend of nearly 2 years, he has never once failed to tell me that I am beautiful; perfect.

Alexander, your lifesaving LGMH.
Today is the year anniversary of his death and two weeks from today would have been our 7 year anniversary together.

When the answering machine went off this afternoon it was his voice on the recorded greeting.
I had changed that greeting months ago.

The fact you're still with me even though you're not here GMH.