I had tried to commit suicide, and that day was one that I was disappointed that I had failed.

I cried in class.
While everyone stared, unsure of what to do, you came over to me and hugged me tightly to you.
I'd never spoken to you before, and you still didn't say a word.
Actions DO speak louder than words.

I will never forget how your LGMH.

A while ago I was at the mall.

I walked by the typical "gangster" you see, but he was in a wheelchair.

I noticed he was smiling, but he was struggling to push himself in the wheelchair. Then I noticed he was holding his girlfriend's hand, and didn't want to let go. Their LGMH.

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend Austin told me he wanted to take me to a special place.


So, we got there, laid a blanket down and I fell asleep in his arms.


As I began to drift to sleep, the last thing I heard was him telling me I was "the most beautiful girl he's ever been lucky enough to call his."



When Taylor died and you saw me crying, you dropped everything in your arms to hold me to your chest.

You whispered everything was going to be okay and that she was in a better place.

You held me tightly and walked me to class to make sure I was going to be okay.

In that moment I knew that I truly did love you.

Your love and comfort give me hope.

As teenagers, my great-grandparents ran away from home & got married.

At the age of 92, my grandmother died from a stroke.

At her funeral, my grandfather kissed her 'goodnight' & told her he'd see her soon.

At 96, he died that night from natural causes.

Their 75 year marriage & undying LGMH.