My best friend's gay.
He could never find love, almost resorting to suicide once.
One day before he was going to jump off the school's railing he felt a hug around him and a whisper in his ear, "If you're gone, who will I be with?"
"I want you to know that there's always someone who loves you.


Tyler, you're still my best friend and biggest fan even after breaking each others' hearts.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a guy like you in my life and I am always here for you too.

I love you.

His LGMH that anything is possible.
My boyfriend of almost a year and I were on the bus on our way back from a football game where he performed in the band and I performed with color guard.
On the bus he pulled me into his arms and told me to go to sleep and that he'd wake me up when we got back.

That was the first time I'd slept in days.

Anthony, I love you.

You give me hope.
11 Astonishing Facts About Batman


15 million dollars could probably sway most people to do a lot of things. 15 million dollars and the chance to play Batman would probably be heaven for some others. Not Michael Keaton, however.

Keaton played Batman in the first two films, Batman and Batman Returns. Though he was at first going to come back for the third movie, when Tim Burton was dropped as the director, Keaton left too.

Keaton was unhappy with the screenplay, because he felt it was too lighthearted. When he first said he would leave, he was offered the 15 million, but still refused. Consequently, he was replaced by Val Kilmer, who was later replaced by George Clooney.

Obviously after that came Chris Nolan’s reboot trilogy, and rumors say in 2016 comes the next Batman reboot with an all new cast and production team.


One day after 14 years of not seeing each other I searched her name just to see if I could find her and there she was, we started talking through Facebook and then finally met few months later and ever since we've been best friends, She even saved me from killing myself more than once.

Love you sis.

Candice your LGMH !
I always read this site, and it always makes me tear up.

I never thought that I would ever have a moment like the ones on here, but you proved me wrong.

I love you more than anyone could ever know.

I can't even express it in words.

Trent, your LGMH.