Today I watched a documentary about 9/11.

Two men, Frank and Pablo among others, sacrificed their lives to save 77 people. They gave up their lives, to let 77 others be free.

Their selfless heroic LGMH.

I was checking out at the store and noticed the bag boy was staring at me. As I went to leave the register he asked if he could carry my groceries to the car and I said have fun.Now 4 years later we are getting married.
I found my soul mate that day and the only thing I bought was a carton of eggs.
One day, a friend and I went through a box of old cards from elementary school.

We found a valentine card he gave me when we were 8.

The next valentines day, he came to my work and brought me a box of chocolates and a new card that read "Will you be my valentine?"

Everyday I look at those cards.

My boyfriend's love give me hope.
Me and my friend were watching a scary movie with a couple of other friends.
Seeing that she's scared, I lie down beside her , hug her, and hold her hand.
To this day, we still do that during scary movies.
But we do it as boyfriend and girlfriend.
You moved over 1000 miles away.

The night before you left I joked around and said:

You beter show up at my dooorstep to kiss me the day you come back.

Today, You showed up on my porch, and kissed me.


Steve, Your LGMH.