My grandma had breast cancer, kidney cancer, and 14 brain tumors.

I was scared so my grandpa told me about the time the doctors asked if she wanted to give up.

Her response?

"I have a granddaughter graduating HS in 4 years, and I WILL be there."

Even though she died, her never-ending hope and LGMH.
A woman had been trying to get pregnant for a year

When she finally did, the doctors told her that her baby would be born with severe down syndrome.

Her best option was abortion

14 years later I have been a cheerleader, on honor roll, and in advanced classes.

My mom's faith and unconditional LGMH.

Thanks for not giving up on me mommy.

Love you.
He was the popular, football star.

I was the outsider.

Somehow we both got cast in the same play.

I was going through a rough patch in life where I thought suicide was the only answer.

During rehearsal, he pulled me aside and told me I was worth so much more.

5 days ago, I told him he saved my life.

He began to cry, but his restless LGMH.
Mom, you died to give me life.

One day, I hope to do something as great.

My mother's LGMH.

Last Thursday, you left for retreat.

Last Sunday, I got a phone call saying I had a present on my front porch. It was you.

Michael, thank you for coming to see me. I LOVE YOU! Your thoughtfulness and LGMH!