In 1920 my great great great grandfather Clifford immigrated to America from Holland, leaving the love of his life.

Years later, they found each other in the city of Chicago. Thinking they were never going to see each other again.

They had 9 kids, and they celebrated their 62 anniversary before they died. Their true love gives me hope.

I got my wisdom teeth removed and I am really self conscious.

My best friend wrote "just know that swollen cheeks or no swollen cheeks your absolutely beautiful"

I haven't seen him in 2 years yet he is still always there for me.

Your LGMH.
He's seen me with no make-up on
He's seen me with my hair a mess and my retainers in
He's seen me at my worst but has yet to see me truly at my best and yet...
My boyfriend calls me beautiful, tells me I'm prefect, and likes me for just being me.
I'd never thought I'd find someone like him.

My best friend of 4 years and the boy I've always loved ask me to be his girlfriend.

Little does he know, that night was going to be my last night alive, he saved my life and he still doesnt know it.

Ross, I love you and I always will.

Your GMH.
Today, I was talking to my grandmother and asked her if her and my grandpa still have that spark you feel when you first fall in love.

She admited that my grandpa still chases her around the house and gives her butterflies when he kisses her.

I want to be just like her someday.

Their playfulness and LGMH.