After a long night of camping and getting no sleep in the cold, my boyfriend still wanted to see me.

He was half-way falling asleep but still kept up a conversation.

He asked me to marry him. I asked later if he remembered it, he said, no, but did reply "I will be asking you again later" His LGMH.

Last year my brother's life-long friend died of bone cancer.

When he found out he only had a month to live his girlfriend asked if there was anything he wanted to do, no matter what the cost.

He asked her to marry him.

She said yes, knowing she would be widow before she was 30.

True Love at any age, GMH.

He's the one and only love of my life. I had no idea I'd meet that one person at fourteen.

I love him so much and always have. We've been through a lot, and we'll go through even more, and I'm terrified of what will happen after he leaves for the air force.

But I know we'll make it. He's the only person who can make me truly happy. I love him.

Today my older brother who's great at everything told me that I'm perfect.

That I'm going to get farther than he will in life. He held me as I cried from the approval and words I didn't realize I desperately needed from him.

Today I believe wholeheartedly in God because after so much doubt I held inside my brother's faith in me and LGMH to believe.

I've always wanted to be a doctor, but never had the right grades.

I never had hope.

But reading these stories makes me realize that the WORLD IS HOPE.

So now I volunteer at a hospital, working to make my dream come true.

You guys GMH.