My best friend recently died in a car accident.

I stayed home from school the week she died.

On my day back I had to walk by her locker to get to mine, I started to cry, all over it were notes from kids of my school telling her how much they'll miss her. My peers love for Miranda GMH. RIP.

My girlfriend came over to my house one day when my mom was gone and she stayed longer than expected.

My mom came in and asked who she was.

I said that she was my girlfriend.

My mom simply asked "does she want to stay for dinner?"

This was when my mom found out I wasn't straight.

Acceptance GMH.
One hot day, my gf and I decided to get some ice cream.
She tipped my cone and some of the ice cream got on my nose.
I got her back.
We looked around and saw an older couple.
The also had ice cream on their noses.
We smiled and waved at each other.
I whispered to her,"That's us in the future."
I looked back at them and smiled...
I have depression and when I get really upset, I dig and pinch my arms until they're raw and bruised.

Every night, my boyfriend will text me until I fall asleep, knowing night is the worst time for me.

His patience and LMGH.

Twenty years ago, after a high risk pregnancy, a woman gave birth to a very sick child.

The baby was born with skin that melted off her body. The doctors said, that she would be autistic, blind, and mentally slow.

Today, I am a pretty healthy honor student at an amazing university. God's LGMH.