29 years ago, an average girl was sitting in homeroom when a popular guy came up to her.

He asked her out even when his friends told him not to.

29 years later, and they are more in love than any other couple I know.

Mom, Dad, happy 24th anniversary!

Your LGMH.

A few years back a teacher of mine from primary school was in an awful car crash in the middle of no where.
Luckily a stranger drove past, stopped his car and pulled her out of the burning car wreck.
Tomorrow is their wedding day.
Love found in the most beautiful places GMH.
He's my best guy friend and I have a HUGE crush on him.

He and I were working at a soda booth at our city carnival and I was frozen, my hands were shaking so hard. He had on a hoodie that had a pocket in the middle.

And he took my hand, stuffed it in his pocket and held my hand tightly despite how cold it was.

My hidden love for you GMH.
15 Strange Facts About Cats That Actually Exist

Have you ever heard the expression, “Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink?” The age-old age adage refers, of course, to the ocean – vast quantities of water, but unsuitable for humans to drink due to the salt content. But did you know that cats CAN drink seawater to in order to survive? Read on to find out how.

All animals get some of their water intake from food, cats included. But when a cat’s intake of water from all sources is inadequate, their kidneys are efficient enough to re-hydrate by consuming saltwater. The kidneys are able to expel the salt while allowing the potable water to re-hydrate the feline in order to help it survive in times of drought.

Here are a couple of other fun facts about cats: most female cats are right pawed while males are left pawed; a cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than to a dog’s brain; cats can run at an astounding 31 mph for short distances; and, cats almost never meow at other cats – only at humans.


I Struggle with Bipolar and Depression,

And sometimes do some extremely irrational things, But my boyfriend never gave up on me, And today we are better than ever and have a beautiful 13 month old Daughter

Steven your love GMH.

7808 miles away.

Tiffany, I love you more than anything. I know I am not the perfect boyfriend, because I'm emotional, sensitive & weak.

I know I'm not strong enough to be there & fight your problems for you especially the time differences.

I just want the world to know that you're beautiful. Your LGMH.