You see all sorts of things in a hospital. Beginnings. Ends.Grief. Love. Hope.

As a medical student, I get exposed to people at their most vulnerable, when the worst has happened to them.

Yet I also see people at their best. The devoted love of friends and family. The dedication of doctors and nurses.

The love humanity has for each other GMH.
True love is...
True love is being okay with the person you love not dating you.
It's when you feel happy when they are happy.
It's when they're safe that you relax.
Kiki I will love you til the world explodes.
I will love you til the end of time.
I will never stop loving you even if it means my death.
Cheyenne, I know you love this site.

I know you think you are just another face in the crowd.

I know you helped me get out of that bad relationship, you listen to me whine, you hug me when I need it most, you know me better than anyone.

I know you trust me with your deepest secrets.

I know you are the best friend I could ever have.

Your LGMH.
My grandfather suffered from lung cancer.

During this time he became very stubborn and irrritating like a child.

He was lying on the bed breathing his last breaths.

My grandma sat beside him stroking his head.

With the little energy he had in him, he grabbed her hand and kissed it.

He passed away, still holding her hand.

Their love GMH.
My Grandma playfully hits my Grandpa and calls him childish names. He simply laughs, and tries to tickle her, despite her protests and giggling. Their immature, timeless love GMH