For about four years now I've been single and lonely, and I thought that I would never meed somebody who would accept, appreciate and love me for who I am.

And then 10 weeks ago I met you.

The past 7 weeks that we've been in a relationship have been nothing short of mind-blowing and amazing.

My dear, your love gives me hope.

When I was 5 years old, a boy kissed me.

He moved away 2 years later and I lost contact with him.

15 years after that we ended up running into each other.

We started talking, found out that we have tons in common and started dating.

He was the first boy I ever kissed, and now he is going to be the last.

Fate and LGMH.

One day a boy asked a girl if he could see her phone.

She said yes and when she got it back it had his name and phone number in her emergency contacts.

When she asked why he said "Its so I'm the first one you call if you ever need help."

A year later we're still in love with each other.


Today while out walking with my boyfriend, he put his forehead against mine and looked me in the eyes and told me I was the best girlfriend he ever had.

I nearly started crying because to everyone else, I always felt like I was nothing.

He makes me feel important, his LGMH.

I love you, Ryan.

We were lying down in your bed, face to face.

You kissed my head and said,

"I can't wait to see this every day, and then wake up and see your beautiful face, and to call you my wife."

Even though we're going to different colleges, Nick, your LGMH.