My Mom died when I was 18.

I thought there wouldn't be anything else I could learn about our relationship after she was gone.

My daughter was born two years ago and I experienced the kind of love only a parent can have for a child.

Mom, really understanding how much you loved me gives me hope.
Yesterday when I arrived at school, my friend ran up to my other friend shouting her name and gave her a hug.
The next second a young boy ran up to her and shouted her name and gave her a hug.
We had no idea who this boy was.
He's mentally disabled. His love and innocence for complete strangers GMH.
I am starting a new job on Monday working with a boy with severe autism.

His mum sat with me and told me all about him and how difficult he can be.

Then she turned to me and said 'Just take care of him, he's so precious to me' Her unconditional love GMH.
When she told him she was pregnant, he embraced her.

When she told her parents, he was there.
When they kicked her out, his family took her in.
And when she gave birth to their daughter, he was her for every second.
John, I don't care that both of you are seventeen.
This world needs more men like you.

Most kids hate their step parents. Not me. Just seeing how happy my step mom makes my daddy makes me smile.

They look at each other like they're newlyweds, and when they see how my step siblings and I act with they say they have "the coolest kids ever"

Monica and daddy, your love for each other and our family GMH.