Last month I was talking to my best friend about his half-brother.

He is white, where as, his brother is half dominican.

I said something along the lines of them being half-siblings.

He said No, he isn't my half brother.

He is my brother.

A brother's LGMH.
My fiancee wants to marry me next summer.
He is making all kinds of plans to how he can pay off loans and support a family.

He is even building us an apartment and eventually a house.

He is also working full time and going to school.

We are both 19.

He is doing whatever it takes, so we can be married.

Yet he still spoils me.

His hardworking LGMH!
My aunt is diagnosed with Parkinson's.

She's at the point where she needs someone looking after constantly.

Her husband is that someone.

He holds her hand, strokes her hair off her face, can name off all her medications and still calls her "darling."

Uncle Edwin, your love through sickness and in health GMH.
14 years ago, a drug user gave birth to me.

There were drugs in my system but I got lucky and wasn't born addicted to the drugs.

A few weeks later the drug user's sister adopted me.

I'm so grateful that I'm in a good home now.

Mom and Dad, your LGMH.

I was worried that me an my boyfriend would break-up over summer, because we never saw each other.

He lost his phone so he wasn't able to text me, or get a hold of me, and same with me.

I thought it was over because he didn't text me back. When we finally talked he apologized about a million times about 4 days that we didn't talk. His LGMH.