When my great aunt was a teenager, she fell in love with a man from her small town.

Two years later, he had to go to war. They tried sending letters but it was impossible.

Four years ago, she had a knock on her door. It was him. He had gotten married, had kids, but still never forgot about her.

They live together now, both in their nineties.

When my friend was 10, she lost her mom due to brain cancer.

During the years to follow her dad worked twice as hard to provide for her.

In the middle of our senior year, he fell ill and could no longer work.

My friend let go of her chance to get into college and worked 3 jobs to get him the help he needed.

Their LGMH.

Last month I told my boyfridnd my biggest secret.

That when I was younger I was assaulted and tried to kill myself. I thought he would hate me forever.

But he took me in his arms and told me he would Love me no matter what and that I was still his favourite person.

Cameron, your LGMH.

Yesterday, I found out my mom had tried to kill herself.

She's in a safe hospital, now.

My boyfriend has yet to leave my side, making sure I'm eating and is quick to comfort me if I even look sad.

Robert, your love and understanding despite everything GMH.

Yesterday my brother proposed to his girlfriend.

It was their 6th year anniversary.

On their first date they watched Shrek 2.

Yesterday they watched Shrek The Final Ending.

During the previews there was a clip of him saying how much he loved her.

At the end of the movie there was a clip of him saying Will you marry me?

She said yes. Their LGMH.