My mom left me and my 3 siblings when we were young. My dad worked a very low paying job and went to college, but still spent time with us.
He did everything he could to support us and never gave up no matter how hard he had to work.
Today he is happily married and we live in a very nice house.

My dad's love and dedication, GMH.

Since my boyfriend was a kid no one could hear his heartbeat due to all the medication he was on.

2 days ago I laid my head on his chest and he asked what I was doing.

I said "listening to your heart beat" he said "how can you hear it?!" And I said "because it's mine forever"

His heart beat gives me hope.

My friend and I have, what I call, a love hate relationship.

She's practically like my sister and I love her like family. We decided that when we get into a fight we would listen to a certain song and would end up forgiving and go back to loving each other again.

I hope our ability to forgive and forget gives people hope. LGMH.

My boyfriend isn’t perfect.
He isn’t super romantic.
He doesn’t surprise me or send cute texts & we don't always get along.
But that’s ok.
He understands me & always makes me laugh & smile no matter what.
He hugs me tight & is always there for me.
I'm in love with him.
Sometimes it’s the little things that count.
Gordon, your LGMH.
My senile grandpa has dementia and Alzheimer's.

He recalls little. What does he remember?
My grandma and how to flatter her.

She went out today and left him alone with me.
Every 6 minutes he'd ask where she was.

When she got back, he said the only English words he knew: Hey pretty lady.

His love GMH.