My grandmother is very sick and is dying of a tumor in her stomach.

She's so sick that she's barely ever concious and sleeps all the time...

But whenever my grandfather leans in and whispers "who's my girl?"

She always responds and purses her lips to kiss him.

Their everlasting LGMH.

He came into my life, and started turning it around. He saved me from myself.

The scars still show but his love makes me feel worth something, for once.

He knows I'm still struggling, but he's helping. I'm nothing without you.

A few months ago my best friend of several years committed suicide.

In the same journal in which he confessed his full intention, he included how much he loves and cares for me.
Your never ending love for me GMH.
P.S, you're the only reason I dumped that scumbag, stay in my thoughts.

My boyfriend and I were at the beach with a bunch of his guy friends.

I was having a bad day, and he could tell. He pulled me off to the side and asked what was wrong.

He held me while I cried, and stayed with me until he made me happy.

Even with his friends laughing at him the whole time. Matt, your LGMH.

I was in love with a nerdy guy.

A lot of people are telling me to stop loving him because it’s just a waste of time. All he cares about are books and grades.

After we graduated from high school, I’ve decided to tell him how I feel through writing a story. He replied, three pages long.