One night while I was sick, I ended up falling asleep on the couch in the our living room.

I woke up to find my boyfriend laying on the floor next to the couch, with no blanket or a pillow.

He's done this twice that I know of.

His love gives me hope.
I've struggled with being overweight even since I was little.
Since then I've slimmed down but am still bigger than average and have self esteem issues.
But my boyfriend Alex tells me how gorgeous he thinks I am.
I woke up the other morning and looked in the mirror and saw my messy hair and sweats, and have never felt so beautiful.

I told him I was depressed. He still held on to me.

I said I was unstable, and could hurt myself or him any minute. He said it was okay.

He stood by my side, when everyone else drifted away. His smile is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen and is what makes me want to wake up the next day.

He loves me and I love him. His LGMH.

2 years ago my best friend died in a car crash.

He was rushing to my house to show me what he had gotten his girl friend for valentine's day.

It turns out it was a tatoo on his was my name


Today is my one year anniversary. I was hoping my boyfriend would do something ridiculously romantic to celebrate.

Instead we sat reading this website for 2 hours, holding each other and crying, and it has been the best date we've ever had.

His beautiful heart and his love for me GMH. I love you Joshua.